3rd New Choreographers Festival: Evangelia Kolyra

photo © Danilo Moroni photo © Danilo Moroni

How many breaths do we take in a day? How much air belongs to us? Can a breath betray us? A choreographed ‘experiment’ with three dancers on the human body and breathing.

23-24 MAR 2016
19:00 Upper Stage

Full price: 7 €
Reduced/Small groups
(5-9 people): 6 €
Large groups (10+ people): 4 €
People with disabilities: 4 € -
Companions: 7 €
Unemployed: 4 €

Titled 10,000 litres, the new work of young choreographer Evangelia Kolyra received its world premiere at The Place, London. It cross-fertilizes theatre actions with the ways the human body is seen by science, in order to show its polysemy on stage. In this ‘experiment’, three performers focus on one of the most important bodily functions, the breath, exploring the ways in which it affects movement and the body. As a bodily function, breathing often ‘exposes’ a dancer: the fatigue or the tension with which he moves, his resignation, or the forced need to obey stage codes. In this sense, it reveals the human dimension within the ‘pure’ language of movement.

The constant ‘search for the senses’ attempted in this production, not only reveals the vital function of breathing. It also brings out the issue of rhythm: the thin balance between its uninterrupted flow and its forced interruption. This particular internal gaze and its political overtones regarding authority, freedom, and existence bring back the body at the epicentre of stage explorations.  Examining the ability to destabilize the gaze – and the senses in general, they offer a new way of grasping reality.

Conception & Choreography: Evangelia Kolyra
Creation in collaboration with dancers: Joss Carter, Justyna Janiszewska, Victoria Hoyland (for the performances at OCC, she is substituted by Evangelia Kolyra)
Sets & Costumes: Sisters From Another Mister
Lighting: Sherry Coenen
Production: Xavier de Sousa
Commissioned by The Place

Supported by: Arts Council England, Dance4, Citymoves and Chelsea Theatre
23-24 March

Evangelia Kolyra
10,000 litres
(Upper Stage | 19:00)

Harry Koushos
(Main Stage | 20:30)

Ioanna Angelopoulou
Palm in Palm
(Upper Stage | 22:00)


source: http://www.sgt.gr

Additional Info

  • Place: ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE 107-109 Syngrou Avenue, 11745 Athens, Greece Information/Tickets: 210 900 5 800
  • Date: 23-24 MAR 2016