Photometria Festival 1-12th of June 2016 in Ioannina

Photometria Festival 2016

Under the auspices of Cultural Center of Ioannina
Duration: 1-12.6.2016
Theme: ΗΟΜΕ
(The Entrance is free for all the exhibitions at Photometria Festival)


Municipal Gallery of Ioannina, Duration: 1-12.6.2016

Home - project Tandem (Turkey - Greece), Cultural Managers: Photini Papahatzi and Nazli Deniz Oguz.

Eva Voutsaki (GR)

Dimitris Rapakousis (GR)

Korhan Karaoysal (TR)

Lila Zotou (GR)

Neslihan Koyuncu (TR)

Selen Tugrul (TR)

Photini Papahatzi (GR)

Folklore Museum "Kostas Frontzos", Duration: 1.6 - 1.7.2016

Rachael Elizabeth McArthur (Canada), "Family"

Technohoros Art Gallery, Duration: 1-12.6.2016

Akif Hakan Celebi (Turkey - USA)

Soufari Sarai, Duration: 1-12.6.2016

Julio Bittencourt (Brazil), "In a window of Prestes Maia 911 Building"

MuGe (China), "Going Home"

Rhodri Jones (Wales), "The Land of Living Past"

Mouselimis Photography Store, Duration: 1-12.6.2016

Amimoni Gallery, Duration: 1-12.6.2016

Parallel Voices (Albania, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine)

Aggelos Barai (My Albania) (AL)

Andrey Lomakin (Calm Waters) (UΑ)

Christos Sotiropoulos (Speedancers) (GR)

Dimitris Chantzaras (Immigrant's journey) (GR)

Garcia de Marina (Nimius) (ES)

Jannis Tordheim (Ioannis Theodorou) (The Clouds of Sorrow) (GR/SE)

Ioannis Robokos (Talking Walls) (GR)

Tassos Chios (In the city center) (GR)

Vasiliki Sandali (Concealed Souls) (GR)

Municipal Cultural multiplex - Old Slaughterhouse of Ioannina, Duration: 1-12.6.2016

Exhibition of the 25 best pictures of "ΗΟΜΕ" Competition 2016

Municipality's Cultural Center of Ioannina, Duration: 1-12.6.2016

Group exhibition of 7 photographic clubs of north-west Greece

FOTORASI- Ioannina

EFE - Preveza

KADRO - Filippiada

Fospi - Ioannina

FOA -Arta

ART8 - Agrinio



Photometria Walk:
Old Slaughterhouse of Ioannina: 3 hour photography competition

5/6/2016, 11:00-15:00

The Participation is Free


11:00-12:00, receipt attendance number

12:00, announcement of the issue of the contest

15:00, receipt of photographs by the Photometria Festival team

Conditions of Participation:

1. All participants must bring their identity to receive the number of attendance

2. Each participant must deliver three Photographs (which must be decided in advance, to facilitate the process) to Photometria Festival team in the old slaughterhouses Ioannina.

3. Photos must be dated the date of the competition and have not received any treatment

Photometria Enteyxis:

Old Slaughterhouse of Ioannina: (Photography meeting) (Preveza, Ioannina, Filipiada, Kozani, Agrinio, Kerkyra)

12.6.1016, 18:00 - 21:00

Photometria Screenings:
Old Slaughterhouse of Ioannina: Short film & Video art Screenings: 6-10.6.2016, 19:00

Photometria Academy:
Old Slaughterhouse of Ioannina: Photography Lectures and workshops: 1-5/6 και 11-12/6/2016

Photometria Schoolaroid:

Old Slaughterhouse of Ioannina: 12/6/2016, 11:00-13:00

Educational program for creative engagement of primary School and their first contact with the art of photography (Parental Presence is mandatory throughout the duration of the program)

Photographic Village:

Duration : 17-21 /6/2016 Monodendri - Zagorochoria

Additional Info

  • Place: ioannina
  • Organizer: Photometria Festival
  • Date: 1-12.6.2016
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