Nikos Dimou, the solitary multi-tasker at Benaki Museum

(Nikos Dimou, the solitary multi-tasker)
On the occasion of his 80th birthday, the Benaki Museum presents a familiar, yet not well-known, creative artist who has been active in many fields. He has always meticulously worked from the sidelines. The fact that he never became a member of the Press Association, even though he has been contributing columns and articles in mainstream media for 36 years, is confirmation. He has published 64 books for which he has received good reviews, sold over half a million copies, and gained recognition abroad since his books were translated.
Apart from being a writer and a columnist, he produced and hosted both television and radio shows, worked as a photographer, as advertising copywriter and creative director, and as a contributor on technical topics for car, computer and photo magazines.
As an author he wrote poems, essays, prose, philosophical treatises and satire.
All his books are presented in the exhibition, both Greek and foreign editions, as well as excerpts of his journals and correspondence, an anthology of reviews and opinions on his work, the background of the publications “On the Unhappiness of being Greek” (an international best-seller) and “I do not forget” (a symbol for Cyprus), a large exhibition of his photographic work, a selection of advertising creations and samples of television and radio shows.
A 200 page celebratory volume, containing an anthology of texts, photographs, critical essays and opinions on his work, will be published to accompany the exhibition.
Exhibition curating: Maria Dimitriadi
Exhibition design: Pavlos Thanopoulos

Duration: 24/09/2015 - 08/11/2015 (Opening: 28/09/2015, at 20:00)
Place: AthensBenaki MuseumPireos Street Annexe
Organization: Benaki Museum
Sponsors: ALPHA BANK